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Mildred's Lane

September 20–December 20
Reception: Friday, September 19, 6:00–9:00 p.m.
Sullivan Galleries, 33 S. State St., 7th floor

HumanUfactorY(ng) Workstyles: The Motion Journals of Excerpts
from the User’s Guide to Mildred’s Lane.

A costume drama of the everyday.

Coming to Chicago as a film student at SAIC, J. Morgan Puett made small film sketches, while her research into costume thrust her into deeper curiosities around clothing and dwelling, eventually leading her to an established career as an innovator in the fashion industry. In the next chapter of an evolving and emergent story, Puett fabricated immersive installations in museums and other sites around the world that brought a reality to our sensory and imaginative connection to cloth and other material objects.


Puett returns again to her Chicago inspiration, this time to the Jane Addams Hull-House and Addams’s Labor Museum endeavor with John Dewey, who also saw growth and creativity as a dialogue between doing and reflecting. Puett’s installation engages this history to present a deep reflection on the doings of Mildred’s Lane—her art-as-life practice going on twenty years—through films, photography, costumes, and belongings, creating a period room that transgresses time and place.

(Recent Past Progamming)
Sessions 2014: Year of The Unearthing

Download the "Year of the Unearthing" Information zine at the bottom of this page!

HumanUfactorYing Workstyles (project page)
June 2 thru 22, 2014
A Mildred’s Lane film project.  J. Morgan Puett, Jorge Colombo, Jeffrey Jenkins, Rebecca Purcell, Hope Ginsburg, Mark Dion and others to be announced.

BookBinding with Salt & Cedar (project page)
June 23 thru July 6, 2014.
Megan O’Connell and Leon Johnson.
Attention Labs: The Order of the Third Bird (
project page
July 7 thru July 13, 2014
A practice of sustained attention. Sal Randolph, D. Graham Burnett, Jeff Dolven and others.

Alchemy III: Underworlds (project page)
July 14 thru August 3, 2014.
Robert Williams, Mark Dion, Hilmar Schäfer, Bryan McGovern Wilson, and many others.

PondHouseSpringHousePond: Phase IV Big Dig (project page)
August 11 thru 24
Mark Thomann, J. Morgan Puett, David Brooks, and many others.

Some of the creative practitioners involved in the 2014 sessions are:

Paul Bartow / Christine Buckley / David Brooks / D. Graham Burnett / Jorge Colombo / Mark Dion / Jeff Dolven / Hope Ginsburg /Fritz Haeg / Lizzie Hurst / Pablo Helguera / Brian Holmes /Mary Jane Jacob / Jeffrey Jenkins / Leon Johnson / Gavin Kroeber / Clayton Lewis / Megan O’Connell / Claire Pentecost / Cesare Pietroiusti / Rebecca Purcell / Nils Norman / J. Morgan Puett / Jack Ramunni / Sal Randolph / Kerri-Lynn Reeves / Corey Riddell / Hilmar Schäfer / Mark Thomann / Robert Williams / Rebecca Uchill / Natalie Wilkin / Bryan McGovern Wilson / Caroline Woolard / Amy Yoes